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An exceptional website is a quick way to get an edge over competitors. All Macedon Digital websites are custom-built, search-engine optimised and tailored exactly to your needs.

We Work with You, for You

Your custom-built website will only be its best if you’re included in the process. That’s why we’re here to work with you from step one all the way to the end, getting your input and supporting you to make the best decisions along the way.

Full Business Consultation

We’ll begin the process with a full business consultation. We want to know everything about your business and how it operates. The more knowledge we have of who you are and how you work, the better your website will turn out!

Business Analysis

To fully comprehend the scope of your business, and therefore its website, there are three things that we’ll review with you:

  1. Data and Analytics – We need to understand the numbers surrounding your business and what sort of traffic we should be aiming for with your website.
  2. Competitor – Examining your competitors and their websites will provide insight into what may or may not be currently working for others. It’ll also be the first step in understanding how we can do better than them.
  3. Industry – Checking industry standards will give us a baseline to work with. Further, reviewing the industry of your business will provide us with a better understanding of your customer base and their expectations.

Mock-ups & Review

Our 100% unique designs aren’t complete until we receive your feedback. Mock-ups will always be created so that you can see exactly what the end result of your website will look like. You’ll have the opportunity to revise and amend those designs with us as much as needed.

We Don’t Leave You Stranded at the End

Our services don’t end the moment your website is finished. Unlike many of our competitors, we stick around to help you learn the ins and outs of your website!

First, your website will be built on an easy-to-use platform so that you don’t have any issues managing it yourself. We’ll also train you and your team. This includes a suite of custom instructional videos tailored specifically to your projects and full in-house training for whoever on your team needs it. Finally, we’ll keep an ongoing relationship with you and your business. We want nothing less than for you to succeed and for your business to grow now and into the future.

Why Work with Macedon Digital?

There are plenty of digital marketing companies to choose from, so why work with us? The answer is clear — we care about our clients. Excellent customer service and quality website design are at the heart of what we do.

Taking a glance at everything Macedon Digital will do for you will show whether we’re the right team to work with you.

What We Do:

We keep you involved

We choose to keep you involved in the process. You’re the expert of your own business, after all. That means you understand it better than anyone, which makes your input invaluable for the construction of your website. Even more than that, we care about your satisfaction with our work, so we want to hear from you about your website.

We create unique designs

We don’t have a selection of pre-made designs that we choose from and alter slightly based on your business. We always start from scratch to ensure that your website is 100% unique, just like your business. On top of that, we make sure to “future-proof” your website so that it won’t look old anytime soon.

We focus on your clients

As your website is built for your customers, we keep your client base in mind throughout design. Happy customers mean good business, so we make sure to deliver positive user experiences to your clients. This means ensuring fast response times and easy-to-use designs.

We focus on SEO

A website can’t be exceptional if it’s not getting any traffic. To make sure your customers can actually find your website, we focus on search engine optimisation during the build.

We provide security

When you’re working with us, you never have to worry about your website’s security being compromised. We offer multiple layers of protection and will always have backup and offsite storage included with hosting.

We create long-term solutions

The mark of an exceptional website is its ability to last. We offer fully managed solutions to maximise security and performance in the long term. We also want this to be affordable for you, so hosting is done through our wholesale system at cost price.

What We Don’t Do:

We don’t make assumptions

When we’re working with you, we aren’t making any assumptions about your business. When asking you questions, we’re truly listening and doing our best to understand you. Not only is this an ideal way to develop the finest website for you, but it also fosters a better relationship between our teams, leading to greater care for you in the long term.

We don’t copy others

We always guarantee a unique website. That means not copying other people’s website designs. We also don’t copy our own designs. Your design will be fresh and crafted with care.

We don’t take forever

While we do take our time to make sure we’re getting everything just right, we’re using that time efficiently. You won’t have to wait a long time for us to deliver your website. Just ask us about our project times!

We don’t leave you stranded

We don’t just hand over the website and leave. We want to partner with you on an ongoing basis to support your business needs and growth in the long term.

Stand Out from Your Competitors

Our unique and comprehensive website designs will make you instantly stand out from your competitors. Our experts will masterfully incorporate all the information that we gather, including the input you provide, into a website specifically tailored to your business and industry.

SEO will drive customers to your website, and their positive experiences will keep them coming back. Our lasting safety and performance solutions will ensure your website continues to get positive reception for the long term.

This is all made possible by our talented team. Everyone at Macedon Digital is dedicated to providing highly personalised web design for our diverse array of clients. If exceptional website design is what you’re looking for, Macedon Digital is the answer.

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And we care about you. Friendly, approachable, and easy to talk to, our team is ready to answer your questions. Our clients’ ongoing success demonstrates our commitment to beautiful design, effortless user experience, and unstoppable SEO.

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Custom websites and online stores that align with your organisation’s or brand’s goals.


Search engine optimisation (SEO) that increases organic search traffic.


Digital branding that speaks to your target customers.


Increased market share that is sustainable long-term.


Strategic, data-backed advice informed by a nuanced understanding of your organisation.